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I chose to treat myself naturally and holistically after my cancer diagnosis. Successfully, I might add! The journey that I share on these pages comes from a place of love, honesty, and vulnerability.

If you are a heart centred, soul based business that has a passion for helping others achieve health, wellness, and spiritual growth, we should talk!

There are many ways you, as an advertiser, can connect with my readers. Your options are,

Content Advertising

Sponsored posts
Digital advertising
Brand ambassadorship
Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Freelance writing
Email me today and, together, let’s help people on their journey to wellness.

Products and Promotions

I am open to reviewing quality products and services. Just be prepared!
My readers know me as being honest and direct. My reviews will be too.
Do you have give aways for my readers? That sounds like fun!
Email me the details.

Events and Conferences

I am open to attending and or promoting events and conferences.
Do you have event tickets that you would like me to share with my readers? We can do that too.
If you believe my journey and my readers are a fit for you or your clients, please email me.

I have been through the dark night of the soul and come out the other side. I am here now to share my journey.
My readers are loving what I have to say!

You are a strong and beautiful woman with a wonderful message to share. I found your page very well written.
JL Juneau .

Wow- this is amazing. You have such an incredible story and beautiful way of writing too!!
I just adore the way you write Nina. It’s like I’m actually having a conversation with you! I think you have battled with enough crap that you have this confident- no nonsense way of saying it how it is…but almost wrapped in a hug. Love it!
J Bradshaw .

Thank You Nina, for sharing your experience, strength, and hope. You are Joy, Beauty, and Inspiration.
T. Chambers .

What a beautiful and vivid story Nina. Healing happens in so many ways that we can’t imagine and change our lives forever. You are BLESSED!!! Much LOVE.
A. Kalnay .


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