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I was at my doctor’s clinic recently for an injection, and was visiting with some of the members from my IV Club while I waited. One of them casually mentioned that his wife was taking a course to be a Cancer Coach. What’s that?! What a great idea! I had to know more.

His wife was kind enough to email me the links.

Professional Cancer Coaches International has a certified professional cancer coaching program that is recognized by leading cancer foundations and hospitals from across North America. They currently have students and coaches right across Canada and in more than 18 countries worldwide!

So, what is included in this coaching program? There are three levels and several modules within each level. The program is intensive and covers everything from diagnosis to nutrition, lifestyle, psycho-social and spiritual factors, treatment options, plus a complete module to help you set up and market your business into a successful private practice. Complete details of their coaching program is available in their brochure.


Why would I need a cancer coach you ask? Anyone who has received a diagnosis of cancer knows how challenging and confusing just navigating your life becomes. Not only are you dealing with the constant gnawing fear, but your priorities in life instantly change, you have to navigate through the foreign territory of oncology, and you have to address all areas of your life; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All this at the same time! You have to educate, educate, educate.

The cancer journey is often a solitary, lonely, scary, frustrating, confusing one. As much as your loved ones are there for you and want to help in any way they can, they usually know less than you do. You might have friends that have been through cancer, and there is camaraderie in that for sure. But, sometimes, their information is coloured by their own experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner supporting you and helping you to, not only make a full recovery, but to live a healthy vibrant life? Well, now you can. Now you have options. A certified cancer coach can help those of you that have the desire to be proactive in your health care. Knowledge is empowering. A certified cancer coach can help to guide you through your diagnosis, treatment options including conventional and natural treatment, as well as nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Knowing you are not alone and that you have someone to turn to for reliable information and support goes such a long way in helping you to overcome the anxiety, panic, and isolation that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

Did you know that cancer coaching is covered by most extended health insurance plans? Huh. I didn’t know that.

Whether you have received a cancer diagnosis, or you have been touched by cancer and want to help, cancer coaching is worth investigating. Please be sure the training program is reputable, such as Professional Cancer Coaches International, and that your cancer coach is a member of the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches.

Thank you to the members of my IV Club for making me aware of this service.

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the messages I received along the way about life and living.

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