Always Be Kind

It is hard to believe now but, prior to my visit to Marigold Pharmacy, I had never heard of Dr. Christoph Kind. I therefore had no expectations. A theme I was becoming familiar with.

Trying to book an appointment with him was a bit of a challenge though, as Dr. Kind has a very busy practice. Well, that can be either a good sign or a bad one, I thought to myself. I chose to look at it as a good sign.


I explained my diagnosis, my complications with conventional treatment, and my referral from Rudy at Marigold Pharmacy to his receptionist. Still, it was going to be quite a wait to see Dr. Kind.

A few minutes after I had hung up the telephone, the clinic called me back. Dr. Kind had reviewed my  information and wanted to see me right away!  My heart fluttered and I sent a prayer of thanks up to GOD for answering my prayers and opening the door for me.  Instead of waiting days or was it weeks?, I was now going to see Dr. Kind the very next day!

Dr. Kind’s clinic is this wonderful old house nestled on a beautiful piece of farmland, surrounded by flowers, pastures, and trees. The bucolic setting alone was enough to make me smile as I pulled in to the driveway. I was starting to have a good feeling.

When I walked in to the quaint building, my body unexpectedly let out a big (and loud!) sigh. It startled me even! Then a smile slowly spread across my face.

My body knew absolutely before I did that I was now on the right path for my health and I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I knew,  even before having met the kind doctor, that I was going to be in good hands. (excuse the play on words. I couldn’t resist!)


Dr. Christoph Kind couldn’t be more aptly named. He is a very kind and gentle soul. He truly cares and is very passionate about his work as well as his patients.  It may sound corny to some of you, but my soul actually wept in gratitude.

I have absolute faith in Dr. Kind. He understands me. He understands my diagnosis. And he has a very clear plan on helping my body to heal itself.

What a wealth of knowledge this doctor has! Dr. Kind understands intimately how the human body works. He understands the various conventional treatments for cancer as well. Best of all, he has a seemingly bottomless bag of tools for treating cancer.

Naturally, and probably because he is so passionate about his calling, Dr Kind is very willing to share his knowledge. Admittedly it gets a bit overwhelming at times! He only stops when my eyes glaze over from information overload.

His depth and breadth of knowledge, combined with years of experience, enables Dr. Kind to customize an effective treatment plan for each individual. No “one size fits all” mentality like conventional doctors.

For the first time in months, I felt my body start to relax. Once I did, I began to cry. Right there in his office! Geeze Louise Nina! In my defense, I have become more emotional than I have ever been in my life. And that is saying a lot.

I don’t think Dr. Kind is aware that, on that very first day, he gave me something more precious than all his skill and knowledge.




Message received.

It is vitally important that you work with professionals that instill you with confidence. If you are not comfortable with them, with their advice, or with their treatment plan; trust your instincts and find someone else.

It does not mean these professionals you are rejecting are not skilled at what they do. It is just your soul’s way of telling you that there is someone out there that is a better fit for you.

Your journey back to health can be a long and winding road. It only makes sense that you find someone that is the best fit for you and that is willing to walk that healing journey with you.

Dr. Kind is a naturopathic physician. His clinic is located in Royston, BC. You can contact the clinic at 250.336.8349.


About the author

Nina Andersen

The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. I turned away from conventional medical treatment and chose instead to treat myself successfully with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.

I believe that,
we can let cancer fill us with fear,
we can fight against cancer with all that we have,
or we can embrace cancer for
the inconvenient messenger that it is.
The choice is ours.

I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the powerful messages I have received along the way about life and living.

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