Healing, Nothing More Than Healing

When I discovered the lump in my breast, I knew without a doubt, on my long list of things to do, one of my priorities was to see my friend Linda.

Linda Fournier is an energy healer. There are many different energy healing modalities available. Linda uses her unique combination of healing touch, reiki, and reflexology, with her own special blend of Linda. This is not some woo woo, out there stuff. Whether you believe in it or not, energy healing works.


Linda may not be tall in stature, but she makes up for it with great big hugs! You feel like you are being wrapped a warm loving blanket.

I love spending time with Linda. She has this grounded calmness that surrounds her. And yet, at the same time, there is this joy that bubbles out of Linda like the water bubbles out of one of Earth’s springs. Even her plants are happy to be around her! Personally, I think she talks to them.

I always have interesting experiences when receiving treatment from Linda. I would like to share one experience in particular with you, one that I had at the beginning of this cancer journey.

I appreciate the little details of Linda’s treatments. How she swaddles me in blankets so I am warm and comfortable. How she leaves the room to prepare herself, while I settle and focus on my intention for the session. I especially like the little bean bag she heats up and puts on my heart chakra. I love how Linda connects with me by holding my hand in both of hers. There is something so simply comforting in these rituals, that they put me at ease and I start to relax despite my worries.

As Linda began working around my head, all the fears and pain and grief came rushing back. The tears were welling up in my eyes and threatening to spill over. My emotions were forming in to a big ball in my throat and I was literally choking on them. I could hardly breathe or swallow!

Linda, being Linda, did the most amazing and loving thing. She just leaned over, kissed me on the forehead, and said, “It is okay to let go. Let the tears flow. ”

But I just couldn’t do it. I thought that if I started to cry, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I was afraid that if I released my grief, that these terrifying inhuman sounds would come clawing out of me, my grief felt that intense. So instead, I kept choking back my emotions.

Suddenly, in an instant, I left the building! At least that is what I call it when I have an out of body experience.

I was now on a beach. I was maybe three or four years old. I was focused very intently on building sand castles. However, I was beginning to get angry and frustrated because I would almost finish building my sand castle, and an ocean wave would come rolling in and wash my sand castle away! Then I would have to start all over.

At one particularly frustrating moment, Spirit spoke to me. ” You must look at this from another perspective. ”

Now, perspective is a big word for a little girl. ” I don’t understand, ” I communicated back.

” You must look at this as an opportunity, ” said Spirit. ” Do not focus on what is lost. Look at this as an opportunity to start again; to build something new and wonderful. ”

I sat there for a moment, trying to make sense of what Spirit had said to me. Then I went back to making sand castles. It wasn’t long before frustration turned in to laughter and laughter turned in to excitement!

Is there anything more joyful on Earth than the sound of children’s laughter? Now I couldn’t wait for the ocean waves to come crashing in and wash away my sand castles. I began to design new ones, bigger ones, elaborate ones, anything I wanted! I finally understood what Spirit meant.

Once I had this new awareness, a shadow fell across my sand castle. I looked up, and standing there was a beautiful man with dark hair smiling down on me. He wasn’t anyone I recognized from my present life, but I knew Him just the same.

He smiled and reached out his hand. I took his hand and we walked together down the beach, the water swirling around our bare feet. This beautiful tall man and this little blonde girl. There was so much love emanating from Him. I felt safe and secure. We were communicating back and forth telepathically. Unfortunately, my conscious mind does not remember any of the conversation.

When we reached the end of the beach, we stopped. He looked down at me, with his beautiful radiant smile, and with so much love. ” You must go back now. ”

I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to stay with Him. He was loving, but firm. I finally agreed, turned away, and started walking back to my sand castle alone.

I paused at one point, and looked back over my shoulder. The man had also stopped and was looking over his shoulder back at me. When our eyes met, He flashed me a brilliant white smile and sent me so much love and reassurance. Then He turned and walked in to this bright light that had suddenly appeared at the edge of the beach, and in an instant both He and the light vanished.

Saddened, I turned and walked slowly back to my sand castle. But, as it is with most children, it wasn’t long before I was laughing and having fun again, mindful of what I had learned from Spirit.

Suddenly, I was a teenager, maybe 18? And just as suddenly, a boy my age appeared. I stood up and faced him. I recognized him. I was happy to see him. We stood, facing each other, holding hands, communicating without words.

With a snap, I was back in Linda’s home, and my treatment was ending. I lay there trying very hard to remember every detail of my experience.

I felt a small kernel of warmth deep inside. I recognized it for what it was. Hope. Faith. I knew now that I would live.

When facing a life threatening situation, attitude is key. For me, I had been very discouraged before my session with Linda. I had already been given a second chance in 2006 after a cancer diagnosis and felt I had blown it. I wasn’t living my life. I wasn’t living my life’s purpose. Why would GOD give me yet another chance?

But He has! Most clearly He has given me this fragile gift of hope and faith.

If you would like a session with the remarkable Linda Fournier, you can reach her at Harmony Reflexology, 250.334.0982 in Courtenay, BC.


About the author

Nina Andersen

The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. I turned away from conventional medical treatment and chose instead to treat myself successfully with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.

I believe that,
we can let cancer fill us with fear,
we can fight against cancer with all that we have,
or we can embrace cancer for
the inconvenient messenger that it is.
The choice is ours.

I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the powerful messages I have received along the way about life and living.

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