When Your Familiar Becomes Too Familiar

What is a familiar anyways?

Anyone that loves Harry Potter knows that a familiar can be any creature; a bird, a cat, a dog, a horse, etc. According to Wikipedia, a familiar is an intimate associate or companion. A spirit that is embodied in an animal and attends to, serves, and or guards a person. Like you, familiars have a purpose. I believe that they are here to, not only protect us from negative energies, but to elevate our spirits and to raise our vibration.

It has been well documented that animals have the ability to detect cancer. Just google it and the results will be almost 25,000,000 pages for you to browse through. With highly sensitive noses, dogs and cats can actually smell cancer, regardless of where it is located in the body.

I have experienced cancer twice. Once in 2006 and again in 2014. In both cases, my dogs knew that I had cancer before I did.

I love dogs! My preference is for large huggable dogs. For the most part, I have always had lovable well mannered dogs that treated me with the same respect that I showed them.

In 2006, I still had my golden retriever, Benjamin, and I also had a smaller rescue dog named Chloe. By smaller I mean that she weighed around the 50 pound mark.

Chloe was a loving soft gentle dog that was very grateful to be living in a loving home. We adored her. Benjamin adored her. Chloe was very well behaved from the start even though we had brought her in to our home at seven months of age with a history of abuse.

Admittedly, Chloe was a little jealous of Benjamin and would compete with him for our attention. Over just about everything! She was definitely an over achiever. Due to her abusive puppyhood, Chloe also suffered from separation anxiety when I was away from the house for too long.

But, for the most part, life was good. Then, out of the blue, Chloe developed behaviour that was inappropriate. She began to walk up to me and goose me! Front or back, Chloe was not selective. And she wouldn’t stop.

It was startling, and just a little bit embarrassing! Looking back, I believe that Chloe could detect the cancer that I had and was trying, in her own way, to let me know.

Fast-forward to 2014. My Benjamin had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and so had my sweet Chloe. I now had another rescue dog by the name of Odin. He was a larger-than-life 150 pound wolf cross.

Odin also had experienced a very abusive puppyhood and came to me at the age of three with zero trust. And with the wolf in him surfacing on occasion, I had my hands full. What was I thinking!

It was a long challenging road, but we finally reached a place together that was full of love and mutual respect. Odin could even be quite goofy and he loved to make me laugh!

I was startled when, out of the blue yet again, my Odin, a dog three times the size of Chloe by the way, began goosing me on a regular basis! Right away my mind went back to Chloe, and I became more than a little frightened! No. No. No! I refused to believe or accept that I had cancer again. No. No. No!

The day that I found the lump in my breast, I was very upset yes, but not really surprised. Odin had, after all, already told me that I had cancer even though my mind had not been willing to accept it.

So, if the familiar in your life begins behaving just a little too familiar, maybe it is time to see your doctor or naturopath for a checkup!

About the author

Nina Andersen

The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. I turned away from conventional medical treatment and chose instead to treat myself successfully with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.

I believe that,
we can let cancer fill us with fear,
we can fight against cancer with all that we have,
or we can embrace cancer for
the inconvenient messenger that it is.
The choice is ours.

I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the powerful messages I have received along the way about life and living.


  • That’s quite remarkable, Nina. Thanks for sharing. I sure wish we could communicate better with our ‘familiars’. They have such wisdom and instincts that we’ll never truly understand. Good on you for figuring out Odin’s message.

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