Good As Gold

After much soul searching, not to mention being peppered with messages from Spirit and my sister, I realized that if I was to continue with the conventional cancer treatment of cut, poison, and burn, I would not survive.

This was by no means an easy decision for me to make. I was still terrified that I might die!

I am being corrected. There really wasn’t a decision to be made. How can I describe this knowing? It was just an awareness. An awareness of Truth. I knew to the marrow of my bones that I would not live through the one size fits all process of cancer treatment that is prescribed today.

Once I became aware and was able to accept that conventional medicine was not going to be an option for me,  I began to research natural treatments.

The internet is a wealth of information; overwhelming actually. But I persevered. The one name that kept coming up was a healing clinic  in Arizona. They have a very successful program with great reviews. Their program is multifaceted including treatments, nutrition, counseling, and exercise. Everything I was looking for.

The downside was the price. Approximately $50,000 for one month. Ouch!

What is the value of my life? I was considering selling my home in order to receive treatment. But, for some reason, I was on the fence even though I could not find a similar treatment program in Canada. In fact, I could not find any treatment program in Canada.

Before I committed to the program in Arizona, I thought it would be a good idea to get a second opinion! And there was only one place to go.

I printed off the clinic’s protocol and drove in to town to see Rudy. Rudy is a highly respected pharmacist and traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist in our community. I have always found him to be kind and generous with his wealth of knowledge. Rudy is the owner of Marigold Pharmacy in Courtenay.


I shared with Rudy my cancer diagnosis and the problems I was having with conventional treatment. I explained to Rudy that I was looking in to traditional natural treatment options. I told him about the clinic  I had found online that had the comprehensive treatment plan I was looking for and shared their protocol with him.

Rudy took the time to look over the paperwork carefully and then he looked  up at me.

” You know Nina, you can receive most of these treatments right here in the Comox Valley ” he said. ” And for a lot less! ”

” Really? ” I replied.

” Besides, you are not strong enough to make such a stressful trip. ” Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that.

Rudy went over everything on the clinic’s protocol with me step by step.

Then he suddenly stopped and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something down.

As Rudy pushed the paper across the counter, he said, ” There is only one person you must see. ”

I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand. There was a telephone number and a name.

Dr. Christoph Kind

I felt a rush go through my body, and an all over tingling. Like Spidey sense! I knew I was on the right path. I thanked Rudy for being so generous with his time and advice.

I wonder if Rudy knows just what a life saver, literally, he has been for me?!


My heart is breaking. The tears are welling up in my eyes and streaming down my face as I write. This post was scheduled to go up on the blog this week and with an ironic  twist I received notice that Marigold Pharmacy is shutting its doors for good. Say it isn’t so!

Like many natural practitioners, Rudy has been harassed by Big Pharma in the guise of many forms over the last few years. It sounds like the burden of legal costs and stress has become too much to bear.

My heart goes out to you and your family Rudy. You have been one of my Earth Angels and words don’t seem quite enough to thank you for your part in saving my life.

The Comox Valley and far beyond will not be the same without your presence.



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Nina Andersen

The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. I turned away from conventional medical treatment and chose instead to treat myself successfully with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.

I believe that,
we can let cancer fill us with fear,
we can fight against cancer with all that we have,
or we can embrace cancer for
the inconvenient messenger that it is.
The choice is ours.

I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the powerful messages I have received along the way about life and living.

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