The Magic Of Manifestation

The ability to manifest never ceases to amaze and delight me.

Manifestation is not some woo woo New Age stuff of nonsense. It is very real. It is a Universal law that our planet Earth functions within.


Every one of us has the ability to manifest. There was a time, in the not too distant past, where the results of our intentions could take months, if not years, to manifest.

Now that Earth has evolved into the fifth dimension, the veil has become thinner. Many of our innate abilities are strengthening and evolving along with Earth. Our ability to manifest has become stronger as well. Manifestation has accelerated to the point where the time between intention and manifestation is sometimes nonexistent.

Manifesting requires the right blend of intention (passion), belief (faith), expectation (gratitude), and release (trust). When you have the manifestation blend just right, it is like magic! And it can be so much fun!

Take my recent move, for example. I did not really want to move. I knew in my heart that it was the best solution for myself and my mom whom, some of you may know, now lives with me. I also knew that Spirit wanted me to move and had for some time. But I can be a bit, how shall we say, cough, stubborn. Even when something is for my own good.

I loved my house in Comox. I loved the energy there. I was very comfortable there. I had put so much effort and money into making the house my home. Everyone that has come to my home, has loved the house and has loved the energy even more. I lived in a great neighborhood. I had wonderful neighbours. I lived near the beach. Why would I want to move? Why would Spirit want me to move?

With all that my house had going for it, why was it taking so long to sell the house in such a great market? There are many superficial reasons why and one could point to them. But the truth was – I really didn’t want to move! Therefore, the energy I was putting out to the Universe was blocking the sale of the house.

It took a lot of support from loved ones, smudging the house, prayers, releasing of grief and anger, plus a few aha moments, for me to realize that I had created the energy in my home. That what everyone loved about my home came from me not the house! That meant that I could re-create what I loved most about the house, somewhere else.

Once I was able to accept that and believe that, everything changed. Everything accelerated. People started viewing the house and, in no time at all, the house sold.

With attachments cleared away, I was able to completely articulate what I intended for my new home. Taking into consideration my mom’s needs and desires, along with my own needs and desires, I ended up with a very very long list of requirements! Looking at the long list I had written down, it was almost as if I was requesting two different houses! How is that going to be possible?

But, our responsibility is not to figure out the how when manifesting. God takes care of that! Our job is to stay focused on our intentions with positive emotions in our heart, express gratitude every day, to put one foot in front of the other towards our goals, and to be prepared to follow the daily guidance given to us.

It is not, however, always as simple as that sounds. Remember that stubbornness I mentioned earlier? Why would one ask for directions and then not follow the map that they are given? Why indeed. But that was exactly what I was doing.

You see, I had my list of requirements all written out, but I left it open to Spirit as to what the house looked like. And, I said that I was willing to consider any community between Campbell River and Duncan. But I wasn’t really. I was only looking at houses between the Comox Valley and Duncan.

I can’t tell you the number of times and the number of ways that Campbell River kept coming up as an option. I repeatedly turned my back on that idea. I didn’t really want to live in Campbell River. My reasons are private, but be assured that they have nothing to do with the town itself or the people that live there.

Time and again, the houses I looked at just did not meet our needs, or negotiations collapsed, or we would keep missing out on houses because the market was on fire. Time and again, Campbell River kept coming up in strange ways. And I would turn away yet again. I even began to expand my search to Sooke, without success. This tug of war between Spirit and I was starting to get a bit silly!

As I have said many times, Spirit is nothing if not persistent. Gentle, yes. Loving, yes. And very very persistent.

After yet another frustrating trip to the Cowichan Valley, with one house being misrepresented and the other house having multiple offers on it before we could even get to the Valley to look at it, not to mention that time was now a factor as my house in Comox had sold; I finally threw my hands up in the air and shouted to the Universe,

“Fine! I will look at real estate in Campbell River.”

When I began my search, almost immediately the house I now own popped up on my computer screen. At first glance it amazingly had many of the items on my list. That piqued my interest. I found out that the house had been for sale for two months already. In this hot market? Well, that got my heart pounding! I just knew that the house had been waiting for me.

Fast forward to today. As I sit here in front of the fireplace in my office, writing this blog post to you, I am so grateful. Grateful to everyone that kept the faith and helped me to fulfill my intention of a wonderful home for my mom and myself. That circle of support was instrumental in the manifestation of my home. I absolutely believe that.


Most of all, I am grateful to Spirit. Thank you for your loving, gentle persistence. Thank you for providing me with a home that is way beyond what I could have imagined for myself. Although, my mom is wondering why she didn’t get her pool boy!

Just as a side note, why is it that, with Spirit, it is called persistence, and with me, I am referred to as stubborn? Maybe that is why I am still alive. I am just plain stubborn.

I have no idea why Spirit wants me to live here in Campbell River. I am sure I will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my new community. Everyone I have met so far is kindness itself. Some have been beyond kind. And my new home? This house feels like it was built for me. This house feels like it has been waiting for me. This house feels like it has always been my home.

I am so loved. I am so blessed. I am so worthy. And so it is.

About the author

Nina Andersen

The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. I turned away from conventional medical treatment and chose instead to treat myself successfully with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.

I believe that,
we can let cancer fill us with fear,
we can fight against cancer with all that we have,
or we can embrace cancer for
the inconvenient messenger that it is.
The choice is ours.

I invite you to join me on my cancer journey as I share my experiences and the powerful messages I have received along the way about life and living.


  • I am so happy that you are home. What an uplifting , guiding, and beautiful read .I will come and see the pool boy,lol let me know when he arrives

  • Congratulations on finding home. Being ‘stubborn’ translates nicely into being determined. Wishing you many joyful adventures <3

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