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Have you ever been to see a medium? LOL!!! Not the subject you were expecting?

I have never been to see a medium either. Which is strange considering a consultation with a medium would be a “right up my alley” kind of thing to do.

It is not that there wasn’t anyone I wanted to speak with. On the contrary, I would love to speak with my brother Henry. Gosh, it is hard to believe that he crossed over 30 years ago! And then there is my brother John, who passed away suddenly after my first dance with cancer. I would love to tell him how much I love him, and know for sure that he heard me.

I know, I know. You don’t need a medium to communicate with your loved ones. But wouldn’t it be kind of cool to get a direct answer back?!

After my chemotherapy treatment, I was suffering. Really suffering! I believe the severity of my symptoms were a direct result of residual complications from my cancer treatments in 2006.

You must understand that chemotherapy is, in fact, a poison. It is a poison that targets all fast growing cells, not just cancer cells. As a poison, it does its job right away so it is very important that the chemo drugs are flushed from your body right away.

Now I, who has never been constipated in my life, was severely constipated.

Nothing the doctors had prescribed for me was working. This person, who loves a tall glass of water, could not even stand the smell of water. The taste of water was, to me,  like drinking liquid metal. Gross!  I tried all kinds of juices, gatorades, teas, coffee, even milk. My friend Ann, brought over several juices, nut milks, coconut water. I couldn’t drink any of them in the quantities I needed to without wanting to throw up.

I was able to manage tiny sips of juice and coffee without throwing up. But it was far from enough liquid. I was taking several kinds of anti-nausea medicine. The medication worked just enough to enable me to walk from point A to point B without throwing up and, surprisingly helped me to sleep at night, but the medication was having no impact on my sudden aversion to liquids.

I am not much of a pop drinker but I was even willing to try ginger ale. That I was able to keep down. Not in large quantities though. Just tiny sips that were enough to moisten my very dry mouth. Certainly not enough to move things along, if you get my drift!

Every hour that went by was another hour that the chemo drugs were poisoning my body. I became very concerned.  I was beginning to worry that I might have to go to emergency. Again.

The night of day 4, I prayed to GOD for help. I don’t know why I didn’t ask for his help on day one, but there it is.


I woke up the next morning. The morning of day 5. The suffering continued unabated. My appetite was completely gone by this point. Even the ginger ale was losing its appeal and I was having trouble keeping it down. I was resigning myself to another trip to the hospital when the telephone rang.

It was my brother in law, Brian. I hadn’t spoken to him in months. Brian was calling to tell me he had met someone. He was worried I would be upset. On the contrary, I was thrilled for him. For so many years Brian had been completely devoted to my sister Hanne and, since her passing, he had been drifting without an anchor. I was very happy Brian had met someone. He deserved to be happy and I told him so.

Then, Brian told me his friend was a medium. That made me sit up! I knew right away that she was the answer to my prayers! I said to Brian that I must speak with Ayla right away and could he arrange this for me. Within an hour I was speaking with Ayla myself.

We had a wonderful conversation. I wish I had recorded it somehow because it was so special. Among the many things we discussed was Ayla telling me that I was surrounded by my loved ones, my ancestors, my guides, and my angels; all working on my healing. It was something I would hear many times over the coming months.

Ayla focused particularly on my ancestors; how they wanted to remind me that their Viking warrior blood ran through my veins, that I was strong, that I would get through this, and that I could turn to them for support. Ayla described one of my Elders, a warrior chief, placing his cloak over my shoulders and handing me his sword. It was very humbling.


Then, via Ayla, I had a conversation with my sister Hanne, who had crossed over just the year before. Up to this point, I had been really struggling with Hanne’s death.

My sister Hanne, had been diagnosed with MS when she was in her 20s. On an intellectual level, I knew that Hanne had been getting frailer every year. But on an emotional level? For me, her death was sudden and unexpected. She had just gotten married five days before she died! I was not prepared. I was struggling with her loss, with serious survivor’s guilt, and with “I should haves”.

Hanne reassured me that she was happy and well. She told me that I have nothing to feel guilty about; that there was nothing more I could have done. Hanne wanted me to start living my life to the fullest, to live my life with joy.

Hanne told me that she loved me, and that she was there for me on this journey. Then, Ayla said that Hanne began speaking about some rock she had given me. I had no idea what she was talking about and said so. Hanne was quite insistent. Ayla said that maybe she is speaking about a piece of jewellery. It took a few minutes of scratching my head before the light came on!

A few years ago, Hanne had suffered a serious infection and was fighting for her life in the ICU at the Cowichan Hospital. I made a necklace for her with a large rare larimar pendant in the hopes that it would help. Larimar has powerful healing properties. It is sometimes called the Dolphin Stone. Which just happens to be Hanne’s favourite animal!

When Hanne passed on, I felt a strong urging to take the necklace back, so I did. But I could not bear to look at it, or even to wear the necklace. So it remained buried in the bottom of my jewellery box. I asked Ayla if Hanne meant the necklace I had given her. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Hanne wanted me to wear the necklace every day, particularly during my healing phase. Hanne wanted me to know that the necklace is a symbol that she is always with me and that I can turn to her for love and support.


Ayla laughed and then mentioned that Hanne is a bit of a prankster and likes to play with electronics. I started to laugh. That is so true!

The night that Hanne passed on, my mom and I were staying at a nearby hotel. At 11.50 pm the alarm clock went off in our room. I had not set the alarm. I tried turning the alarm clock off. It kept on beeping. I tried hitting the snooze button. No luck. It kept on beeping. I tried turning the alarm clock to radio. Beep. Beep. Beep. I finally had to unplug the alarm clock from the wall to get it to stop beeping.  As soon as I did,  the telephone rang.

It was Hanne’s daughter in law, Echoe. She was calling to tell us that Hanne had passed on at 11:50 pm!

Ever since the day she passed over, I have felt Hanne’s presence around me. Her favourite way to communicate still is through the radio, although she will use any electronic device available. Ayla’s saying that Hanne liked to communicate through electronics, was validation for me that I have not been imagining these occurrences over the past few months.

I have had one other conversation with my sister Hanne through Ayla. But I haven’t really felt the need to since as I quite often communicate directly with Hanne myself, with Spirit. If I do not receive the answers right away, they will come through the radio the following morning.

Ayla then asked if there was anything else she can help me with. Brian had mentioned to me that Ayla was also a shaman, I told her about the difficulty I was having with the chemotherapy and how seriously constipated and ill feeling I was becoming.

Ayla graciously shared with me the recipe for her healing broth. She also sang two beautiful Native prayers for me. That very same day, I made Ayla’s healing broth. It worked like a charm!

Update: If you would like a session with Ayla, you can call her at 250.597.4505 to book an appointment.


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I believe that,
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