The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014.
I turned away from conventional medical treatment and
chose instead to treat myself successfully
with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.
I invite you to join me on my cancer journey
as I share my experiences and the
powerful messages I have received
along the way about life and living.Re Bastien Photography


You Have To Believe
Do You Know Your Worth
Message From Sparrow
Surrender Who You Think You Are
Day Of Discovery


Do You Know Your Worth

Sparrow continues to follow me. It is Day 10 now. I just realized, looking at the calendar, that she arrived on Mother’s Day. How wonderful! She has sat in my office window while I have been writing this blog, and we sang back and forth[…]

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Message From Sparrow

It has been one week now since Sparrow showed up in my life. Research tells me that there is not a noticeable difference between a male and a female chipping sparrow. I feel drawn to call the little bird a she. Sparrow quite often likes[…]

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Day Of Discovery

The day started innocently enough. A day like any other West Coast day in March 2014. With one exception. It had been three years since my marriage ended. I know that my friends worried that I was spending too much time alone, and they had[…]

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