The Inconvenient Messenger

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014.
I turned away from conventional medical treatment and
chose instead to treat myself successfully
with natural, holistic, traditional medicine.
I invite you to join me on my cancer journey
as I share my experiences and the
powerful messages I have received
along the way about life and living.Re Bastien Photography


Wisdom Is Knowing
The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Always Be Kind
When My World Is Suddenly Silent
Good As Gold


The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

So, help me GOD. Spirit is nothing if not persistent. Kind and gentle yes, and yet very very persistent. In May 2016, I wrote a blog titled Moment Of Grace. I shared with you an experience I had with my mom, an experience that Spirit[…]

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Always Be Kind

It is hard to believe now but, prior to my visit to Marigold Pharmacy, I had never heard of Dr. Christoph Kind. I therefore had no expectations. A theme I was becoming familiar with. Trying to book an appointment with him was a bit of[…]

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Good As Gold

After much soul searching, not to mention being peppered with messages from Spirit and my sister, I realized that if I was to continue with the conventional cancer treatment of cut, poison, and burn, I would not survive. This was by no means an easy[…]

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